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Bay Life Pharmacy is a trusted independent pharmacy serving Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding Florida Counties. For these communities customer service and patient care is our greatest product and we believe it is essential when it comes to the health of your community. We are a “one stop shop” for wound, ostomy, skin, incontinence care for last minute needs of patients.


At Bay Life Pharmacy, our mission is to provide your Residents and Staff with expert medication services while serving as an active partner with your Continuity of Care Team. Whether your community is small & intimate or large & luxurious, our core priorities remain the same; compliance, accuracy, expediency, availability, and professionalism. Bay Life pharmacists are all Doctors of Pharmacy andare leaders in their respective fields. They are always available seven days a week for your questions and concerns. This will bring peace of mind for you, your residents, families, and staff.

Bay Life Pharmacy goes above and beyond while offering your community the following services :

  • Custom packaging:
  • – Blister, OPUS or any other packaging requested by your community
  • Electronic MAR system to expedite services, accuracy, and accountability
  • Med Carts as well as med cart audits provided directly by a consulting pharmacist
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to include non-pharmaceutical medical supplies
  • Expedient turnaround time for those urgent needs
  • Free delivery to include off-schedule deliveries including weekends and holidays
  • 24/7 on call services for emergency medications and after hour admissions
  • Smooth transition at the time of changeovers

All ALF state required training by a certified & experienced RN to include:

  • ALF Med Tech. Initial Certification (4hr)
  • ALF Med Tech. Annual Re-Certification/update (2hr)
  • Alzheimer’s 1 (4hr) + Annual continuing ED
  • Alzheimer’s 2 (4hr) + Annual continuing ED
  • Residents Behavior & Rights & Activities of daily living (ADL’s) (3hr)
  • Safe Food Handling Practices (1hr)
  • Infection Control, Universal Precautions & Facility Sanitation Procedures (1hr)
  • HIV/AIDS (required by DOH) (2hr)
  • APD 65 G-7 initial Medication Certification (6hr)