How Compounded Medications Help with Sports Medicine

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Training and rigorous sporting activities can ask a lot of your body. They push your muscles and joints to the limit occasionally leading to injuries that sideline an athlete from their career for significant periods. For some, injuries stand not just between individuals and hobbies, but also between them and their source of livelihood. Compounded medications are heralded as the magic bullet to get injured athletes back on their feet, gaining an increasing reputation in the past few years. That said, how exactly does compounding pharmacy benefit athletes taking sports medicine? Let’s get the ball rolling. 

Athletes get medication in a form best for them

If you’re nursing a sports-related injury, you may have come to terms with the fact that brand-name drugs don’t take away the pain as much as you hoped. This may be down to the existing restrictions that shackle generic medications in terms: 

  • Delivery method
  • Dosage size 
  • Variety

To make matters worse, some sports medications may include additives that react adversely with your body, doing more harm than good. 

When you require alternative forms of medication for one reason or the other, a compounding pharmacy is your best bet. When medicine available in pill form becomes unideal, you can get much more convenient and similarly effective alterations in liquid or topical forms. Even in cases where manufacturers discontinued certain dosage sizes to make tracking work easier on their part, our compounding pharmacy is able to still get you what you need.

Inclusion of nutritional supplements to hasten recovery 

Injury makes up one of the lowest times of an athlete’s life. It takes away from your progress in your career and can knock you off your form, which makes it that much harder to get back, especially when you’re off the game for long periods. Many sports players aren’t the same when they come back from injury, but compounded medications can help by ensuring as little downtime as possible. 

Compounding allows pharmacies such as ours to mix in important nutritional supplements with your primary dose of medication to catalyze faster muscle recovery

Compounding allows pharmacies such as ours to mix in important nutritional supplements with your primary dose of medication to catalyze faster muscle recovery and healing. For instance, we may include the following in with your dose, depending on your exclusive needs: 

  • Protein supplements: These kick muscle repair into high gear, and are especially necessary if you’ve been skimping on the proteins in recent times.
  • Magnesium supplements: Magnesium deficiencies affect half of the US population, with the condition contributing to muscle cramps as your muscles don’t contract the way they should. These supplements can help your muscles relax better which hastens recovery
  • Fatty acid supplements. To reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery strength, we may also include fatty acid additives in your treatment. 

The best part about our pharmacy and compounding medications is that we can curate all of these different needs into a single dose. So you don’t have to keep up with multiple medications.

Traditional allergies & concerns from mainstream drugs are averted

Conventional pharmacies and the inflexible medications they provide may not cater to athletes with certain drug allergies or food sensitivities. For instance, sports medications imbued with gluten-based additives may be a no-go for sportspersons with specific sensitivities to this protein. 

In the above case, our compounding pharmacy can provide equally effective gluten-free solutions. Alternatively, we can take out the problematic ingredient to ensure a safer medication formula that ensures just as much relief. If you have an issue with your sports medicine’s taste, compounding can also incorporate more palatable flavors that help to enforce medicine adherence which is key to a faster and more wholesome recovery from sports injuries. 

Another important concern among athletes is addiction, especially to painkiller prescriptions, with the following statistics painting an especially dire picture: 

  • The most popular substances abused today include prescription painkillers and marijuana
  • Over 66% of all overdose fatalities trace back to opiate addiction 
  • Up to 29% of chronic pain opioid prescriptions are misused 

Compounding medications can lower this risk factor in some ways. First, pharmacies can construct more tapered dosages, which limits the hold they have over you. Secondly, pain meds can be complemented with nutritional supplements to ensure you’re off the medication in the least period.

Topical solutions for more targeted muscle recovery remedies

Constant exertion from strenuous competitions, on top of the muscle strain and pain that comes in from putting in hours at the gym, can leave muscles fatigued, sore, and painful. While pill medications have their usefulness, they aren’t as effective as topical compounded medications for instance, which are great in specifically dealing with the affected muscles. 

To zero in on your pain relief remedy, compounded ointments, and creams prove a wiser decision. You can apply these directly over your biceps or triceps, among other injured, inflamed, or painful muscle areas. 

Topical pain relievers have a leg up on pill medications not just in terms of precision but in the following ways as well:

  • Quick relief from pain: Topical compounded meds don’t have to go through the digestive tract like pill medications. Your skin absorbs these directly, hence they got to the afflicted area faster
  • Fewer side effects: Pill pain meds are absorbed into your bloodstream, and therefore affect other bodily processes including speech, reflexes, and thoughts. Topical compounded meds affect just the area of application. 
  • Long-term pain relief: Topical compounding enables pain relief for up to 8 or more hours, which is approximately twice what you get with traditional pain medications

Because of their precision, compounded sports medication also tends to fast-track recovery times overall.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

If certain injuries keep coming back, it may be because run-of-the-mill prescriptions are not serving you well. Brand-name drugs can be unideal sometimes due to side effects, preservatives, additives, and other concerns, and that’s why it becomes necessary to start compounding for your sports medication. At Bay Life Compounding, we offer a wealth of supplements and customized compounding solutions that aid with recovery from injury, while enhancing the effectiveness of training routines and diets. If you need help compounding your sports medication, let’s get on a call today and discuss your unique needs.