Here’s what you need to know about compounding medication for pain

Compounding medications

According to an NHIS survey, 50 million Americans are living with chronic pain. We all deal with pain at one point in our lives. For certain groups of people, like athletes or the elderly, among others, chronic pain can become a regular ordeal. If either of these scenarios describes you, then you may have tried looking up compounding medications for pain. However, the sheer amount of information and misinformation online can be confusing, overwhelming, and downright off-putting. Today, we set the record straight as we discuss just what you need to know about Compounding medications for pain. 

Compounded meds for pain don’t remedy your underlying conditions

Compounded medication for pain do just that, offer relief for pain, and are great at providing fast relief for various body aches. 

That said, most people tend to write off their pain and other symptoms once they find temporary relief. They merely urge their doctor to write up a prescription but put off getting an actual diagnosis. However, this is merely taking a band-aid approach to fixing a problem that may have more to it than meets the eye.

There’s always a good reason behind persistent pain, many of which have plenty to do with: 

  • Shingles
  • Arthritis 
  • Multiple sclerosis and more. 

The sure way to know is by getting in touch with your physician for a comprehensive diagnosis. Any good doctor will first want to get to the bottom of your source of pain in the first place before they write up a prescription for pain medication.

You can avoid oral medication side effects with topical compounded pain medication

In certain cases, patients may be allergic to a dye or other ingredient medication which makes commercially available pain medication unideal. During these circumstances, pharmacies that do compounding come in handy to take out non-essential ingredients that you may be allergic to.

What’s more, oral medication can have a world of side effects for the vulnerable including, but not limited to: 

  • Mouth sores
  • Tooth discoloration and decay
  • Taste disorientation
  • Dry mouth
  • Gum and mouth inflammations, among others

With the option to go for topical compounding medications, you can avoid the side effects of oral administration we’ve highlighted above. Moreover, this type of compounding medication is excellent for resolving muscle aches, sprains, and strains, among other cases of acute pain. 

Compounding pain medication addresses your unique needs

Generically available or commercial pain medications work for the most part but aren’t always as effective across the board depending on pain tolerance, symptoms, and size differences. What’s more, they can lead to side effects as discussed, which may have you trying out different alternatives and pairings as you try to find the lesser of all evils. It can all feel like trying to sort the pieces of a complex puzzle where you just can’t win.

The truth is that commercial pain medication is meant to be a one-fit-all solution but doesn’t address your unique needs. This all changes when you turn to the right pharmacy and compounding solutions, which ensure your best-tailored medication by: 

  • Adding flavor to make medicine time more enjoyable, which is especially useful for pets and kids
  • Customizing ingredients for optimal strength 
  • Altering dosage or strength according to the severity of the pain, your unique body needs, and other criteria

In a nutshell, compounded pain medications are tailor-made to meet you at your highest points of need. 

Compounded pain creams and gels work like a charm 

At Bay Life Compounding, we’ve helped countless patients get a handle on their pain and live fuller lives, thanks to our tried-and-tested formulas. But instead of just tooting our own horns, we’ll let the studies do the talking. 

According to the results of over 60 double-lined studies, topical NSAID pain relievers are proven effective. These studies featured north of 8,000 patients with an assortment of pain injuries and went a long way to show that- when pitted

against placebos like ketoprofen, ibuprofen, and more- subjects noticed higher rates of pain relief when on a variety of topical compounded pain medication. 

If you’re battling pain resulting from a sports injury, be sure to have a sit down with your physician to look over your options. Afterward, turn to Bay Life Compounding for your prescription once you reach a decision on transdermal or compounded topical medication. 

Compounded pain medication can be covered by your insurance provider

Does your insurance plan cover compounded pain medication? We get asked this question quite a lot, understandably so because it has been somewhat of a gray area for many years. The best answer is that it depends, and the best way to know is to get on the line with your insurance provider. 

However, many insurance companies do offer coverage for compounded prescriptions, as per various conditions, so chances are that you may not have to settle your bill out of pocket. It’s important to note though that some may have restrictions requiring pharmacies to be in-network so you can be eligible for coverage. 

Others don’t cover them outrightly and will tell you so once you get in touch. For another group of insurance companies, there is room for haggling if you can make a case for it, that case mostly being allergies to commercially available alternatives. 

Alternatively, you may also find that your insurance provider rejects coverage for compounded pain medicine when the product in question is said to be covered. In such cases, this usually happens because one or two of the ingredients fall outside the coverage plan, which leads your insurance company to reject the compounded medicine in its entirety. 

Get your life back from relentless pain today

Chronic pain can hamper your daily life by getting in the way of everyday tasks. It hinders your ability to work properly, while you won’t enjoy your recreational activities as much if you’re feeling out of sorts. Compounding medications can help you manage pain better and ensure you don’t miss out on life any longer than you already have. Don’t let pain immobile your abilities and take the joy out of the things you love. Let us fill your prescription for personalized, compounded pain medication today.