Dermatology Compounding Pharmacy: What Are the Five Things You Should Know?

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Dermatology, as a field, is as vast as the organ it specializes in. The skin conditions that fall under its umbrella are similarly numerous, extending even to issues that affect the hair like hair loss and hormonal problems. It’s only right, therefore, that solutions to them should be equally varied. That’s where Dermatology Compounded Medications come in.

Compounding in dermatology is no different from other fields compounding pharmacies work in. It still involves mixing and modifying medicines to bring about a better therapeutic effect, meet medical requirements, and impart convenience to the person taking them. Obviously, there’s a focus on most skin and hair conditions when it comes to compounding dermatological solutions. 

Here are five essential facts you must know if you ever need to have dermatologic compounded medicines formulated for you.

1. The customization aspect of dermatology compounding is what makes it an invaluable option for patients and dermatologists.

The ability to personalize your dermatological medications means you’re basically tackling one of the biggest barriers in dermatological treatment. This is namely the access to treatment options. 

While you’re still mainly relying on topical treatments, there will, at least, now be multiple routes available to you and your dermatologist to take when ensuring better treatment outcomes.

  • At Bay Life, for example, we capitalize on the use of bioidentical hormones in treating skin conditions like dryness and itching, which could actually be traced to hormonal imbalances. Several studies have already confirmed their beneficial, mostly anti-aging effect on the skin when used in 
  • You won’t have to worry too much about allergic reactions and other side effects, thanks to customized dosages. Moreover, if your doctor has pinpointed a specific ingredient in the conventionally formulated topical medicine that you’re taking, he or she can ask to have it removed through compounding. Atopic dermatitis and drug rashes are the most common allergy symptoms that compounded medicines can avoid. 
  • Lotions, creams, and gels can be combined to not only make application less of a hassle but also bring about a synergistic effect that leads to better results. 
  • Safer dosages of antibiotics can be formulated to address chronic skin infections and conditions to minimize, if not eliminate, side effects.

2. There’s no shortage of skin and hair conditions that have been successfully (and better) treated with compounded medicines.

Whether it’s an infection, dry skin, conditions like acne, eczema, scars, vitiligo, psoriasis, inflammation, warts, hair loss, and other visible signs of aging, you can expect to get a more personalized approach to treating these conditions if you choose compounded solutions. 

  • This is important since, for example, a person who’s suffering from dry skin doesn’t always share the same cause as others who happen to also have it. In most dermatological conditions, there’s almost always no universal remedy since their causes and skin needs vary a lot in every individual. 
  • Compounding pharmacies will work closely with your dermatologist to blend specialized formulations that will ensure your goals will be achieved. 
  • There are many cases of people with dermatitis, one of the hardest dermatological conditions to cure, seeing success with a combination of clobetasol propionate and niacinamide, for example. Others have seen success with personalized silicone creams and topical foam. 

3. Compounding pharmacies are actually one of the “secret weapons” of successful dermatologists.

An Online Dermatology Pharmacy empowers dermatologists due to the fact that there’s often no other way for them to treat their patients in the most optimal way possible. There’s literally no other way for them to do this, considering the solutions available at present, which is why many dermatologists are all too. 

They’ll be able to adopt more cost-effective approaches to treating their patients as well. Just imagine being able to offer the most ideal treatment for far lower costs compared to relying on standard medications.

It’s not uncommon for specially trained compounding pharmacists to have discussions with dermatologists who are struggling to treat certain dermatological cases. The key is that more creative and viable solutions can only be unlocked as a result of this partnership.

4. Most compounding dermatology pharmacies aren’t regulated by the FDA, but they need to strictly adhere to their guidelines. 

We’re talking mostly about the right of compounding pharmacies to conduct, well, compounding when we say this. In-office compounding has to be done by licensed medical staff (i.e. a licensed pharmacist) in an outpatient clinic setting or outsourcing facility. 

  • Each state in the US has the authority to regulate all their pharmacies, compounding pharmacies included. Some states may have more stringent rules set on compounding pharmacies, and these rules are usually enforced by the state’s pharmacy or medical boards. 
  • These regulatory bodies need to follow the FDA regulations pertaining to compounding and ensuring the safety of the medications. These include current Good Manufacturing Practices. 

5. The other perks of an online dermatology compounding pharmacy can’t be denied as well. 

It’s not so much about working with an “unconventional” pharmacy that will be able to deliver personalized medications. Here are a few other undeniable advantages of working with compounding pharmacies.

  • Besides the proximity advantage of working with an Online Dermatology Pharmacy Florida, if for instance, you reside in the said state, most of the time, you’ll also be able to refill your prescriptions completely online and have them delivered directly to you. At least, that’s how we do things in Bay Life. 
  • Dermatologists, doctors, and their patients tend to save more money with the help of compounding pharmacies. The exclusion of certain unnecessary ingredients and the ability to go for maximum minimalism when formulating drugs pave the way to this advantage.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

We hope that you’ve gained a couple of helpful insights while going over the facts we’ve laid out here. In general, a Dermatology pharmacy online offers plenty of inimitable ways to overcome the most prevalent bumps encountered by people trying to address their dermatological issues. 

Few things are more complicated to treat than a lot of dermatological irks like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Compounding pharmacies make themselves immediately stand out from what other traditional pharmacies can’t offer.