Dietary Supplements & Food Allergies; Top Seven Benefits and Uses of Compounding

food allergies,

Are you living with a food allergy? You’re not alone. Approximately 230 million people worldwide find themselves in the same boat, with the United States accounting for approximately 32 million of them. Food allergies can rule out important meals- and nutrients- from your diet, increasing your risk of deficiencies and the symptoms that come with it. This can undermine the effectiveness of your immune system, and your skin health, and regardless of the type of deficiency, can lower your quality of life. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our compounding pharmacy can bail you out and here are seven ways we can help you get past obstacles from your food allergies.

You can access previously no-go medication 

Commercially available medications contain a host of ingredients that can trigger your food allergies, some of which include: 

  • Gluten 
  • Lactose 
  • Dyes 
  • Problematic flavorings

For people with food allergies such as lactose intolerance, among other sensitivities, their treatment options become quite limited given the popularity of the ingredient in prescription medications. Just to paint a picture, findings by eMedTV reveal that 1 in every 5 prescription drugs contain lactose. 

Our compound pharmacy seeks to expand your options by providing allergy-friendly medications, which work just like the real deal and most times even better. Qualified pharmacists can fill your prescription, providing medication you need to alleviate your condition by taking out dyes, flavorings, and other ingredients that your body might be intolerant to. 

You can observe religious restrictions and preferences

Different faiths have various regulations regarding what followers can or cannot eat. For example, Shariah Law strictly prohibits alcohol consumption, which presents a unique challenge for Muslims should they require alcohol-based medication. 

As far as Jewish law goes, on the other hand, certain ingredients like gelatin raise red flags and rule out many commercially available medications. Other times, it can also be down to personal lifestyle choices such as veganism. 

Whatever your reason, pharmacy, and compounding, in particular, can get around this problem. Patients can access the medication they need from a compounding pharmacy, which takes out elements like alcohol or gelatin to make the medication compliant with their faith.

Compounding for food allergies can be cheaper

The other great thing about compounding to get around your food allergies is that it can actually mean less money out of your pocket. Our compound pharmacy ensures cost-saving benefits, without compromising your quality of treatment, in the following ways:

  • We take out unnecessary dyes, among other ingredients, that can inflate the cost of medication without improving health outcomes in any way.
  • Since we incur no marketing costs, which conventionally pushes up the price of drugs tremendously, we get you medication that’s cheaper than brand names
  • Our compound pharmacy provides regular discounts and door-step delivery options to further offset auxiliary costs. 

As you can see, a compounding pharmacy such as ours offers great bang for your buck.

Dietary supplements as an alternative

Beyond medications, food allergies also present several other unique dietary concerns for patients. Let’s consider the case of lactose intolerance, for example, which is one of the most common sensitivities, affecting about 7 in 10 individuals across the planet. 

In such cases, people are locked out from important ingredients found in milk and milked-related products such as: 

  • Calcium 
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12, and others

At Bay Life Compounding pharmacy, we help lactose-intolerant patients avoid common nutritional deficiencies by providing alternate sources in the way of supplements such as Reacted Magnesium and Vitamin D supplements, to name a few. 

Custom flavors to appeal to all patients 

Children and pets can be particularly stubborn when it comes to taking dietary supplements and medication. More so if these are necessary for chronic conditions. Crushing medicine into food is one way often parents go, but this may introduce other risks such as: 

  • Interfering with the medication’s bioavailability
  • Inaccurate dosing 
  • Stomach irritation due to premature coat eliminations, and more

A better way to improve the appeal of medications for troublesome patients is by compounding. Our pharmacy can improve compliance by adding enticing flavors that make medication much more palatable. 

Availability of treatment even after discontinuation 

Allergy pills and medications get taken off the market all time. The reality of the situation is that this discontinuity doesn’t mean that patients don’t need this medication anymore when the supply is cut off. 

Beyond discontinuation, medications can also be unavailable during times of great demand that lead to shortages. Compounding pharmacies such as ours can get around this challenge, providing accessibility to treatment throughout these situations. 

That’s because we have bulk raw materials on hand to formulate personalized medication to fit your needs, so if you require a drug that’s been discontinued or is in short supply, we can whip you up a custom formulation. Your continuity of medical care thus remains uninterrupted. 

Alternate forms to meet preferences and needs

A certain demographic of people such as the elderly can have trouble swallowing pills, which necessitates an alternative form of administration. Alternatively, children- and adults too- can be terrified of needles which can make injectables an unideal way of medication. 

A compounding pharmacy can overcome these barriers to a treatment plan by: 

  • Switching to topical solutions such as creams and gels as opposed to capsules
  • Changing topical medications to oral alternatives in case patients have sensitive skin
  • Blending medication into liquid or syrup with special flavors

In addition to form alteration, our compound pharmacy can also adjust dose strength to improve efficacy or reduce the risk of addiction. 

What food allergies do you have? 

We’d love to hear it, so get in touch with our compound pharmacy so we can map out the best way forward. Your quality of life doesn’t have to pay the price of allergies. Our range of dietary supplements can ensure you get the vital nutrients your body needs, while our compounding medications avail great accessibility to your most effective treatment option. Be it dosage alteration, flavoring, or allergy-friendly medication you require, our team of qualified compounding pharmacists will get you your perfect formula. Drop us a message now.