How Is Compounded Medication Helpful for Weight Management?

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Are you among the many who are considering therapeutic solutions for burning fat and losing weight? If yes, then Compounded Medication may very well hold the key for you to achieve your goals, especially if standard treatments show less than stellar results. 

This post should orient you more about the possible routes you can take when it comes to weight management with the help of compounding pharmacies. We highly suggest you read this first in order to truly know whether it’s the most ideal option for you.

Are You Having a Hard Time Maintaining Your Optimal Weight?

If you’ve been thinking that weight loss maintenance is such a herculean task, you’re definitely not alone. In most cases, ironically, people are actually contending against their bodies when it comes to this. Your body may well be preventing itself from shedding weight due to hormonal imbalances, despite how religiously you stick to your workout and diet routines. 

Of course, those are just some of the factors. It’s equally important to look at your mindset (whether you’re in it for the long-term), your stress levels, overall lifestyle, among others. 

If you’re in the green in a majority of these factors but still aren’t getting the results you want, it’s during such cases that drug therapies are often considered with the advice of the attending physician. 

That being said, why does a steadily rising number of people prefer working with a Compounding Pharmacy? Well, we’ve highlighted some of the compelling reasons as follows.

Why Are Compounded Pharmacies More Beneficial for People Who Want to Maintain Their Best Weight?

Compounded drugs have been lauded for their largely personalized nature. That’s certainly one reason why people, including their attending doctors, are more than willing to choose them over traditional therapies.

  • The final form of the medication will be more amenable to the person’s taste and preference.
  • The dosage is the most suitable amount for the individual’s specific case and requirements. 
  • It unlocks access to more results-driven therapies that can’t be availed of otherwise.

Are they safe? Yes, since they all require the approval of the attending physician. Third-party lab results may also be requested to boost transparency.

How Does Compounded Medication Offer a More Potent Solution to Weight Management?

Given its nature, it’s no surprise that compounded therapies adopt a more direct approach when it comes to tackling weight management issues head-on. This fact could not be more apparent in the kinds of options available in your local Compounding Pharmacy Florida or anywhere else for that matter.

What’s the best example of what makes compounded options entirely different? One good option is appetite suppressants. 

  • Appetite suppressants, as their name candidly suggests, lower appetite. They’re usually recommended to obese and overweight patients who are having a hard time sticking to their diet plan.
  • Examples of these kinds of drugs are phentermine, which has none of the addicting side effects of its other counterparts. 
  • Most appetite suppressants go all the way in boosting the individual’s metabolism, too, essentially hitting two birds with one stone in the process.

How are appetite suppressants usually administered? Well, most of them are orally taken, which is why they’re often called ‘diet pills’. Even so, you may request the pharmacy to create a candy-like form of phentermine for you, infused with your favorite flavor.

Supplementation Is Another Ever-Viable Option

Many experts may argue that supplementation pales in comparison to diet when it comes to losing weight and keeping it away. Nonetheless, we can’t deny the difference that compounded medications make. Simply put, it’s the kind that’s guaranteed to deliver the results because it involves the use of supplements that are the most compatible with the individual.

  • We’re talking about supplements that can facilitate fat burning like the combination of methionine and B vitamins like choline and inositol. 
  • These are often called vitamin therapies or lipotropic agents because of their excellent ability to stimulate the body to start using its fat reserves. For what purpose? Weight management. 
  • Another option is the injection of Vitamin B6, which helps to prevent water retention. It’s also a great supplement to have if the person is undergoing a very strict calorie restriction. After all, Vitamin B6 is able to convert carbs into glucose to keep blood sugar at optimal levels despite the limitation of food and beverages.
  • Last but not least are the equally popular hCG weight loss supplements. Their effects are often comprehensive in the sense that they make it more amenable for the person to diet without losing muscle mass and suffering other unwanted side effects.

These are but some of the ways supplementation is done by compounding pharmacies. As you can see, it’s a different kind of supplementation that most people are aware of. It involves the use of supplements that have a direct impact on weight loss, metabolism, and weight maintenance as a whole.

Even if that’s the case, they’re not called “supplements” for nothing. More or less, they also help the body attain the optimal nutrients it needs to function in tip-top shape. 

This is particularly helpful, if not crucial, in this case. After all, continuous dieting and caloric restrictions can only go so far in depleting the body’s vitamins and minerals. These supplements lend themselves to ensuring that the body still gets its fair, appropriate share of nutrition while keeping those extra pounds away.

What forms do these kinds of supplements usually take?

In most cases, they can also be compounded in pill form. However, should the physician approve it, injectables can be made to eliminate the need to take them orally and for results to be felt relatively faster. Any other customization with regard to flavor and dosage will be up to the patient and his or her attending doctor.

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On the whole, compounded pharmacies wouldn’t have enjoyed such immense traction if they aren’t able to deliver something entirely new and altogether better. Still, you have to be extra careful when weighing your options. The Compound Medication of your choice should not only be transparent but should be willing to provide feedback from past clients.