Key Benefits About Hospice Compounding Medications.

Hospice Compounding Medications.

Hospice care for a loved one can be a difficult, yet imperative decision to make for a loved one. This type of care is available to those who have been diagnosed with either a critical or a terminal illness. Hospice compounding medications can help to ensure that your loved one has the medications and relief they need during this challenging time.

The Addition Of Flavors

  • Certain flavourings, such as sweetness, are not well tolerated by hospice patients.
  • Pharmaceuticals can be made in convenient forms to ensure that your loved one gets the full benefit of the treatment.

Multiple Medications Into A Single Dosage

  • Patients are often taking more than one medication a Compounding pharmacy can often combine them into a single dosage, such as a transdermal gel, capsule or suppository.

Alternative dosages for Hospice

  • In cases where hospice patients have difficulty swallowing, we can provide customised solutions for viable delivery methods.
  • These delivery methods include topical creams, oral solutions, nasal sprays, mouth rinses, capsules, and lozenges.

Variations in strength

  • Hospice Care provides access to dosage strengths that are not available commercially.
  • These doses are manufactured taking into account the individual size and tolerance to specific medications.


  • Hospice, geriatric, paediatric, patients often have unique needs, and we can provide specific solutions for their medication problems.
  • Hospice patients may need several medications that could be combined into one capsule.

Unique Forms

  • We can provide forms that are easier to tolerate by patients who are in hospice care, such as transdermal pain creams or gels, suckers, liquids and sprays among others.

Strength Variations:

  • In hospice compounding medications, it remains vitally important to relieve as much pain as possible without causing sedation and adverse side effects. 
  • Caring for a loved one in a hospice environment can be both challenging and rewarding.
  • The relief of pain and other symptoms can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs.