What is Compounding Medication, why is it important for men’s health

compounding medication

Your doctor may prepare a prescription for you. However, the drug you require may not be available in the required dosage amount. Alternatively, you could be allergic to a dye or other ingredient in commercially available medication or might have trouble taking drugs in a particular form. In such cases, compounding medication becomes necessary. These are essentially customized medications that address your particular needs. Similar to how you add or take out certain ingredients when baking a cake, a compound pharmacy mixes ingredients to match your needs.

Men’s health and why compounding medication wins

Men are plagued by a variety of health issues. Our compound pharmacy works to provide compounded medications that address these particular concerns. Ranging from erectile dysfunction and low testosterone to many more, there are many challenges men have to grapple with health-wise. Some of these conditions can be difficult for men to open up about. Starting a conversation about ED, for instance, is something we find most patients struggle with.

But that’s where a compounding pharmacy comes in. We can discreetly provide the information you need to know more about such issues, and also help formulate personalized treatment solutions that will have you right as rain.

Importance of compounding medication for men’s health

1) Compounding can resolve bespoke ED issues

Today, findings indicate that over half of all men battle with ED at one point or the other. While the lion’s share is aged 70 or over, the fact remains that it’s a rampant problem that can derail the quality of life for the affected and his partner. 

So how can erectile dysfunction harm you? Well, for one, it can contribute to strains in your relationship. Overall, it is also partly to blame for a host of psychosocial turmoil that men often experience including: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor self-esteem 

These difficulties can also seep into the workplace, lowering productivity, and it may have the same effect on one’s social life. 

While there’s no shortage of ED medication for men, the majority of them are available in oral form. Now, these may not work well across the board. That’s because certain individuals don’t have the best response to oral ED meds. In some cases, it may have no effect completely. Alternatively, taking capsules or tablets regularly can be tough for some. This can make them feel like they have their hands tied in terms of options. 

This is where our compounding pharmacy comes in. We can provide alternative dosage forms that you may be more comfortable with. For instance, you may find greater success with troches and lozenges. We may also be able to suggest a couple of supplements that’ll speed up your recovery. 

2) To avoid partial response to low testosterone therapy

Up to 5,000,000 Americans live with low testosterone, and that’s in the United States alone. It most commonly affects men aged 65 or older, but younger age brackets are also not exempt from the problem.  

Going by the term hypogonadism in some circles, it occurs when your body has a testosterone deficiency. Simply put, your body is not producing enough of it. You may be aware of the role this important hormone plays during our younger years, especially during puberty, but it still serves purpose even when we’re much older as far as the following is concerned: 

  • Brain function
  • Vasculature 
  • Metabolism

Low libido is often the outcome of low testosterone levels, and it’s also another problem that has broken relationships and marriages for thousands of men across America. 

The market for sure has an abundance of testosterone replacement solutions no doubt. However, these tend to be generic and don’t address specific requirements or deficiencies at an individual dimension. You see two people may have low testosterone, but their levels may vary drastically from each other hence a universal solution may not be ideal. 

Working with a compounding pharmacy is the way to go to effectively battling low testosterone levels. To ensure optimal results, we factor in your particular needs and deficiencies and then formulate personalized testosterone therapy.   

3) Compounding medicine is the best way for men to beat hair loss

Is hair loss common for men? Yes. 8 in 10 men will experience it at some point and presently 35,000,000 men worldwide suffer from it. Around middle age, hair can start thinning and a pattern of baldness can be visible even in men as young as 25 or 35. 

A loss in hair can also mean a loss in confidence and self-esteem for men. This can also impact the quality of life, with research also linking it to:

  • Social phobia
  • General anxiety disorders 
  • Antisocial personality disorders
  • Panic attacks and other psychosocial consequences

Again the cup overflows when it comes to how men can go about treating hair loss. One option on the table is a traditional hair transplant procedure. However, it is an extremely expensive solution that could set you back between $5,000 to $25,000 or more. To make matters worse, most insurance plans exclude hair transplants from their coverage so you’ll have to foot the entire bill from your pocket.

Another way some go is Minoxidil foam to retrigger the growth of hair. The downside of this is that it’s not always effective at remedying many varieties of baldness and it works just for a certain type. This is where a compounding pharmacy saves the day once more. We can formulate bespoke hair forms with a delicate and strategic selection of ingredients. In essence, our personalized formulation will address the problem from the root cause specific to your hair loss condition. 

Let’s discuss your men’s health needs now

There you have it. A snippet of just how compounding medication is crucial for men’s health. Are you struggling with some other condition that we’ve not talked about today? Our door is always open. If you’ve tried commercial products in vain and would like to seek out a different way to handle your health issues, reach out to us to talk to one of our pharmacists and get to the bottom of the matter. Also, feel free to look around our store for a variety of supplements that are specially formulated to promote better men’s health.