Nutritional Consultations: What Are Five Things You Should Know?


In this Information age we’re currently living in, there are already ample sources of knowledge we require to further improve our health. If you head to Google and type “expert-backed or science-proven ways to get X nutrient”, you’ll be led to sites that will reveal to you all you need to know and link to the studies they took the information from. That being said, why does the hype for nutritional consultations seem to be only increasing as each year passes? 

The short answer is there’s more to these consultations than providing general health recommendations. They involve analysis of one’s health and nutritional recommendations that are far more personalized and in-depth. These five pointers should tell you precisely why.

You’ll gain a clearer picture of your overall present state of health. 

We mentioned personalization. But, naturally, you beg the question, “How in-depth is it?” Well, that’s a question any professional dietician can answer in a breeze. 

In most consultations, you’re asked to send a sample of your blood and other pertinent medical documents. These two alone already hold the key to assessing your present overall health condition. 

After analyzing the sample and those documents, the dietician will gain a clearer and more detailed view of the following and what needs to be done to help improve your long-term health:

  • Know the exact steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
  • Get specific recommendations based on various factors such as your metabolic history, allergy triggers, and current hormonal profile, among others.
  • Know the best diet and supplements to take that will only lead to a better lifestyle, mood improvement, and, in turn, a longer and happier lifespan. 

Personalized nutritional recommendations only have a single denominator: beating disease.

The moment you take part in a nutritional counseling session, you already commit yourself to the crusade of keeping your body as disease-free as possible. A lot of people adopt a preventive approach and take part in these consultations to ensure that highly preventable chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes won’t plague them later in life. 

More often than not, this proactive approach wouldn’t be possible without the potent mix of the wealth of personal health information and the expert advice provided by professional dieticians. It’s not even limited to the said chronic conditions and advantages alone as proven by these facts:

  • Food allergies fall under the nutritional consultation umbrella. Millions of people suffer and have even died from them. Dieticians conducting these nutritional consultations may help you pinpoint the exact foods you’re allergic to and, as a result, have a better physical and mental state of health on a daily basis.
  • Health conditions like GERD often have conflicting approaches to being treated, especially if you rely mostly on hearsay, dubious blogs, and forum posts online. It also produces different symptoms in people, which more often than not, require a different approach to being alleviated than others. 
  • Even people with depression have been found to improve when they receive regular nutritional counseling. 

Do you know what’s the key in all three? A healthful diet that exactly suits your specific requirements and is based on your present conditions. In plenty of cases, only trained dieticians, through close nutritional counseling, can make the most ideal recommendation when it comes to that.

They may help motivate you in your journey towards your health goals.

Without a doubt, there’s no comparison to approaches that are highly personalized in nature. The targeted, special attention that dieticians give to their clients has led to success stories precisely because they actively make recommendations that most people can’t help but listen to.

Dieticians almost always make themselves readily available should the person have questions regarding their diet and lifestyle decisions. These counseling sessions are no different from personal training sessions in that they can be a source of invaluable motivation that most people need in order to stick to working toward their goals and not drop out midway (which happens quite frequently if we consider the studies).

They can be done completely online. 

If you’re thinking it would be such a hassle having to attend consultations personally on a regular basis, that’s not really the case with most services. You don’t even have to submit your blood sample and medical documents in person because you can have them delivered instead. At Bay Life, we provide detailed instructions on how you can do this. 

As for the consultations themselves, they can be done online as well or in-clinic, based on the client’s preference. The ability to do this has allowed most nutritional consultants and dieticians to fully commit to their clients, which is another vital factor to these consultations’ success. 

They’re often offered and pair well with the services of compounding pharmacies. 

After all, both are, at best, synergistic. Optimal diet and lifestyle will always include paying attention to an individual’s specific nutritional needs and, more importantly, actually addressing any confirmed nutritional deficiency you may have or helping to remedy a condition (especially long-term ones like allergies and autoimmune disorders). 

As a premier compounding pharmacy, we at Bay Life have our own team of expert dieticians with whom we work closely. They may recommend various supplements to their clients which we’re more than happy to formulate. All the while, we make sure to monitor their progress and respond to their requests for help in not only refilling their prescriptions but keeping their health in tip-top shape with the help of our dieticians.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

With all things considered, nutritional consultations are really all about showing you the right and most results-driven direction to take to improve your health. Otherwise, you may only end up finding yourself lost in the sea of overwhelming (and sometimes even conflicting) information regarding health that you come across online. 

The personalized approach to these consultations only adds to their inherent value, besides the other facts and advantages we’ve highlighted here. Ultimately, nutrition will always be an inherent part of countering and slowing down disease progression, and these consultations only make sure you never miss out on it.