Pet Medication Pharmacy: Top 10 benefits for pets

Pet Medication Pharmacy

Pet Medication Pharmacy

If you have a dog or cat that regularly uses a prescription drug, bring the prescription bottle to the pharmacy the next time you come to Bay Life compounding pharmacy.

Drug compounding for veterinary patients can simplify the process of medicating animals when using flavors in medications that are readily acceptable by animals.

  • Chewable Pet Treats
  • Xylitol-Free Medications
  • Liquids
  • Fewer pills, drops, or shots
  • Flavoured Suspension
  • Fewer Medication Doses
  • Solving Dosage Problems
  • Transdermal gels
  • Oral Capsules

Chewable Pet Treats:

Compounded pet medication can be served up for dogs and cats in the form of a tasty treat, making the administration of the medicine simple and painless.

Xylitol-Free Medication For Pets:

Compounding pharmacists are well-trained in designing medication without the use of toxic ingredients for all pets including household pets. 


The most popular form as it allows pet parents to squirt the medication into the pet’s mouth or into their food versus hiding a pill. With over 40+ flavors from chicken, beef, tuna, and more, pet parents can switch up the flavors anytime to keep your pet’s taste buds appealing and  interested.

Fewer pills, drops, or shots:

It can often combine two or more medications to reduce the number of pills or drops you have to administer daily.

Flavoured Suspension:

  • Pets are smart enough to understand where their medication is being stored and the moment they learn about it, they may choose to run away.
  • If flavoured to their liking, now they see them as a place you might store a treat!

Fewer Medication Doses:

  • If your pet needs multiple medications, it can be even more difficult to administer the right doses each day. It can also be challenging to keep track of different prescriptions and when each one needs to be given.
  • In certain cases we can combine multiple medications into a single dose to make management easier.

Solving Dosage Problems:

Just like their owners, animals are individual and unique. They come in different shapes and sizes, and may be sensitive to ingredients like lactose.

Transdermal gels:

Transdermal gels are one of the more unique delivery systems.  Specific gel forms have been developed that have the ability to transport most medications through skin directly into the bloodstream.

Transdermals have become a favorite especially for cats because of ease of use.

Oral Capsules:

Capsules are a great option for mixing various ingredients together that may be bitter in taste or unpalatable. Hiding the flavors in a capsule eases the struggle of oral liquids that may cause foaming on the mouth or a water flush after taking the liquid.  Whichever the dosage option you or your veterinarian choose for your pet, rest assured we have a tasty option for you.