What are the top 10 things you know about Senior Care Pharmacy Services

senior care pharmacy services

A Senior Care Pharmacy  services brings a whole load of unique perks for their target market. If you, as a manager of a senior community, a senior, or a relative of an elderly person, need a steady, uninterrupted supply of medications, you can certainly rely on one. This perk extends to those who need expert pharmaceutical and therapeutic advice in senior care or simply want a better quality of care, too.

Would you like to know more about these special types of pharmacies? In the following post, we’ve highlighted 10 of the most vital factors that you should know and consider when availing their products and services..

They often work closely with the assisted living community.

This is what makes them especially effective in raising the quality of care and life of seniors in these communities. They are essentially a dedicated pharmaceutical arm of the community. By serving as one, their pharmacists often have ready access to each senior’s medical records.

Their specialty in senior care allows them to anticipate the needs of every elderly individual residing in the community they are serving.

They can give invaluable advice to the attending doctors and caretakers.

For instance, if they require more information and knowledge regarding certain novel medications for the elderly, then pharmacists can be a reliable source of it. The same applies for all the therapies that they are offering. What’s certain is that they serve as amazing educators for the care home as a whole. 

Most doctors also often ask for recommendations from pharmacists. The latter can work with the former more synergistically because of the ease of access to the seniors’ medical records.

They can help in identifying medical issues and offer advice on how to treat them.

Most Senior Care Pharmacy Services hire only the most educated pharmacists, particularly those who have a doctorate in the said field. That being said, they can directly participate in every senior’s treatment. 

There may be medical issues that they can help prevent doctors from overlooking. More importantly, they can give amazing insights into the possible treatment routes the resident can take and which one will result in the best outcome.

They take a closer look at the medications you are taking.

We can’t deny that seniors need to be closely monitored throughout the course of their treatments. This applies to everyone, even those that need to be medicated for the rest of their lives. These are just some of the questions and issues that they can answer and address with their expertise.

Are you taking the right supplements at all times?
Is it possible that you may be under-treated for a particular condition?
What are the chances of side effects and the risk of overdose in your present treatment regimen?
Are there medications in your prescription that may interact with one another?

Most are able to respond to medical needs swiftly and efficiently

This benefit hinges a lot on the fact that these pharmacies only serve senior living homes or any pharmacy-related request they’re willing to accept. More importantly, many of them are available 24/7. They are equipped to provide emergency medications and admissions whenever the need arises.

It’s understandable that many seniors may require urgent medical treatments. To properly respond to them is a primary reason for the development of these pharmacies.


Most are willing to lend a helping hand in improving the quality of care in senior communities.

  • Plenty of pharmacies don’t limit their services to creating and dispensing necessary medications. More than a handful are also willing to work with the systems that the community has in place when delivering their care services.
  • For instance, at Bay Life, we often offer care homes our electronic MAR system to keep track of each patient’s records, which only paves the way to efficiency. We even make medical carts available upon request.
  • We also make DMEs available to help caretakers and doctors in caring for seniors and treating their respective patients.

They make compounding services available.

This is one way that these types of pharmacies become a versatile and reliable choice for senior  care pharmacy communities. Some of them also offer compounded medications, which allows them to take advantage of the personalized quality of these drugs. Oftentimes, these qualities led to better treatment outcomes because of that quality alone.

 Pharmacists working for them require training and special certifications appropriate in a senior care setup. 

Certain medical technology credentials include the ALF Med Tech. Initial Certification (4hr) and ALF Med Tech. Annual Re-Certification are required by specific states. Some even include certifications pertaining to Alzheimer’s care, training in responding to resident behavior, helping in daily activities, and safe food handling, to cite a few.

 Senior care communities save more money with their services.

There are certainly prescriptions available at more economical prices in these pharmacies. All the more so if the community manager and the pharmacy can come to a long-term partnership agreement. Additionally, most of the communities they’re serving enjoy privileges like free delivery.

 They tend to be called long-term care (LTC) pharmacies, but there are actually slight differences between the two.

While LTC pharmacies tend to serve assisted living communities, they’re different in that they also serve at-home care setups. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that there’s still no clear definition of what truly makes a pharmacy deserving of the “long-term care” category. 

Moreover, there’s practically no rule or law stopping LTC pharmacies from servicing senior care communities, so it’s safe to say that their services overlap with their senior care counterparts. Still, most senior care pharmacy services partner with assisted living communities rather than providing care at home.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Services Assisted Living stand out simply because they offer a more focused approach to helping seniors overcome any medical condition they’re currently facing. With all these facts considered, they are nothing short of an indispensable part of any senior living communities care team. We can say the same for those pharmacies that go all the way in bringing value to the ones they’re serving.