Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Families to Stay Healthy and Happy in 2023

As we sail into the Christmas holiday, you may be short on holiday gifts ideas for your friends or loved ones. But our compound pharmacy has plenty of tricks up its sleeve if you’re coming out empty in terms of the perfect (and healthy) holiday gifts for this Christmas or the upcoming year. Well, the holidays are often an invitation for unhealthy habits and patterns to kick in. But with our amazing ideas, your family and friends will not only be elated for what they receive but all the more healthier for it. Without further ado, here is our list of recommendations to add to your proverbial gift sac. 

1.Healthy food guide subscription

Is there a family member with a passion for cooking or someone watching their weight and generally looking to tread on the healthier path? Why not give them a push by getting them a subscription to a healthy food guide magazine? 

Here’s what they get to enjoy with this: 

  • Practical advice on nutrition
  • Healthy recipe suggestions and ideas for the kitchen
  • Tips on weight loss and more

Some brands are also throwing in extra goodies this year with their subscriptions like travel tickets

2. Kitchen utensils 

Depending on who you’re trying to please, kitchen utensils can be an awesome gift, more so if they have a penchant for cooking. These will pair especially wonderfully with the food guide subscription we were talking about above. 

If your gift recipient lights up about food, then go right ahead. Be sure to choose visually pleasing ones, preferably in the colour that your loved one or friend adores. 


If you have an athlete friend or know someone who’s just keen on their wellness or fitness, supplements are as thoughtful and good a gift idea as any. So what do we recommend in particular? 

Check these out: 

  • B12 Liquid 30 ml: This may work wonders for metabolism and energy
  • Chondro- FLX 180 Ct: Highly recommended for healthier/stronger joints and bones 
  • Alpha Base: If you have someone in mind who’s not necessarily a fitness enthusiast but is keen on general wellness, you can show your support for them with this

You can shop for all these supplements right here on our compounding pharmacy website

4.Board games 

Board games are fun for the whole family and they provide many mental benefits. They keep the mind sharp and may also be great for fine motor skills for your little ones. 

So consider getting your loved ones a board game to kickstart the new year with a present they’ll appreciate for many months to come. The best part is that it’s a great gift if you are keen on lowering screen time for your loved ones. 

5.Sleep mask

Know someone who’s regularly hitting the road for work or pleasure? They may appreciate a customized gift mask from their favorite person. You’ll always come to mind whenever they want to catch a nap mid-travel.

And the great part about this is that there is no shortage of DIY mask ideas which help make your gift even more thoughtful.  Be sure to give a lot of thought to packaging though to enable longevity and portability, but eco-friendliness as well. 


Essentially, a pedometer measures how much distance you’ve walked and most such devices track three aspects, namely: 

  • Stride
  • Pace 
  • Distance 

If you have someone in mind who you’d like to begin taking their fitness a little more seriously, then a pedometer might be a great gift for them 


Get an orange, wrap it neatly under a bow, and present it to your loved one as a gift that commemorates simplicity. It may seem lazy but you should know, in past centuries, people often exchanged oranges over the holidays as these were so hard to come by that they were considered a luxurious indulgence. 

If you’re still not sold on the idea of a Christmas fruit gift or a fruit basket, you should know that 9 in 10 Americans don’t eat enough fruit.

8.A water bottle

Still, on the subject of wellness, a sleek water bottle is not a shabby gift to get your loved one according to our compound pharmacy. Most of us struggle with sticking to water intake recommendations, which stand at between 3 to 4 liters a day. 

Here’s why this makes for a great gift: 

  • Reusable water bottles are healthy for humans as much as the environment
  • You’ll help your loved one with on-the-go hydration
  • It’s an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that your recipient will use every day

Win-win all-around. 

9.Fig tree

If you’re friends with a gardener, fresh figs make for an awesome gift that will keep on giving well into the new year and beyond. They are quite a popular ingredient for Mediterranean-style dishes but not easy to come by.

They can be hard to find or expensive to buy out of season, so such a gift will certainly set you in the good graces of a family member who enjoys gardening. Moreover, figs are considered in ancient history as symbols of fertility.

10.Resistance bands

We all strive for better fitness but going to the gym can be off-putting particularly if your schedule never lets up. For such members of your family or social circle, a resistance band is a lifesaver of a gift. 

They are great for stretching and mobility, proving an on-the-go fitness accessory that whoever receives is sure to love. Go a step further and customize your gift with a personal logo that has meaning for your loved one. 

A Christmas offer just for you

The festive bells are ringing and advertisers have made sure to ensure we don’t forget to get gifts for the people in our lives. But spoiling the people you love doesn’t have to be to the detriment of their own health. Use our list of top 10 holiday gifts by our compounding pharmacy to find awesome presents for your pals or family heading into 2023. Presently, we’re offering massive discounts if you’d like to get these as a gift for the ones you love. Shop on our website to explore our full range of life-changing supplements.