Top Eight Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Compound Pharmacy

Compounding Pharmacy

Don’t overlook the credentials and accreditations of the compounding pharmacy.
If you want to be less stressed about possibly dealing with a company with doubtful safety practices, then this should be your highest priority.

Can they show proof when they claim that they follow both the highest ethical and quality standards in the industry? Considering most kinds of these pharmacies aren’t FDA-regulated, doing this becomes all the more vital.

All the better if they are accredited by reputable organizations like Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. In other countries, there are programs that are the exact equivalent of it, so they are pretty much a standard.

Do they have their products tested by independent testers as well?

What kind of training has their pharmacists gone through? 

These are safety measures that are well worth taking if you want complete peace of mind that you’re buying prescriptions from a safe and reliable source. Meeting all three is best, but you can bet that most companies that tick at least one of these checkboxes are good options.

Always take into consideration your allergies and sensitivities to certain ingredients.

This is one of the main reasons why local Floridians choose a Compounding Pharmacy Florida over a traditional one found in the state, after all. You may be allergic to certain synthetic ingredients like preservatives and dyes. Take note of them and inform the pharmacy of your choosing about them.

  • Better if the pharmacists can reduce the synthetic ingredients as much as possible, while fully eliminating all the ingredients you have a reaction to. 

The more freedom you get when making these kinds of requests, the better — as long as it’s rendered safe doses, of course.

They should be able to assure timely and steady refilling of your prescriptions over time.

This is particularly crucial for those that rely on compounding pharmacies to treat a relatively serious condition. We’re talking about a certain kind of “serious” when we say this.

It’s the type that involves scenarios like the possibility of failure to acquire a prescription on time. This seemingly “minor” interruption then leads to the collapse of the patient’s entire treatment progress. We can’t deny that there are medical conditions that are characterized by dire situations like it.

  • It goes without saying that those that can meet tight schedules should be your number-one option. 
  • Companies that manage to make timely deliveries, even on short notice, deserve all the positive feedback they get. 
  • This rings truer for those that can guarantee same-day deliveries.

Consider the possibility of having replacements for discontinued medications — or not.

Most pharmaceutical companies decide to stop the production of certain drugs because it’s not profitable anymore or their demand has slowly gone down over time. If you fall under this category, then a compound pharmacy may serve as a way for you to overcome that specific hurdle. 

However, not all pharmacies can guarantee that they’ll be able to craft a 100% accurate copy of the medicine that’s no longer available. Not all kinds of medicines are accessible, after all. Oftentimes, they’ll need the chemical form of the medication. 

If it can’t be found or isn’t available, then you may have to settle for an alternative customized prescription.

Take a closer look at the quality of their ingredients.

This is another factor where any kind of reputable accreditation is a great thing. Perhaps, they’re more than willing to provide certificates of analysis of every ingredient they’re using, for instance.

Don’t hesitate to investigate where they’re getting their ingredients from if you have the time for it. Again, the more solid evidence of quality you gather, the more you’re doing yourself and other clients a favor.

Can they provide plenty of options for customizations and treatment solutions?

Since there is arguably plenty of room for personalization as a whole in compounding medicines, take the time to know the companies that offer the most of it. 

  • What custom flavors, doses, and forms can they offer that are not found in other options?
  • Can they create a highly specific flavor for, let’s say, a particularly picky pet?
  • What safe and effective alternative routes can they offer you when treating your condition that’s hard to treat with conventional medicines?

What medical disciplines do they work in?

A compounding pharmacy often chooses to work in only a few medical sub-fields. Some may not offer veterinary solutions as opposed to others that offer it along with their prescriptions for humans.

  • A pharmacy that’s versatile in this regard is almost always a good choice. Why? It shows that they’re fairly established and are more than likely to have many experienced pharmacists in their company.
  • Another obvious reason why this is good is that you won’t have to look elsewhere should you need other types of medications for different ailments.

Who regulates the company’s entire compounding process?

If it’s an in-house pharmacist, what are his or her credentials? How much experience have they acquired in handling compounded medications?

  • If it’s an entire team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, they should be transparent with how they manage the creation of personalized drugs and ensure safety. 
  • While you’re at it, look at the quality of their tools and laboratories as well, assuming the company is willing to open its doors to you for a tour. 

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

Almost all these factors share a common denominator in the form of ensuring safety when availing of compounding pharmacy services. Most are also concerned with making the most out of your money. Your choice should not only deliver high-quality, safe prescriptions but they should be timely, too.