Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy : How Compounded Medication Works For Weight Loss

Weight loss

Taking Compounded Medication to lose weight may not be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when for that purpose. Not a lot of us are even aware that it’s actually a viable option. Nonetheless, more than a handful of people worldwide are already relying on it to aid in achieving their weight loss goals.

How exactly does it work? If you’re interested in going this route, please take the time to read about how most compounding pharmacies serve people looking to shed those extra pounds, stubborn or otherwise.

How Weight Loss Compounded Medications Work

What’s great about compounding drugs for weight loss is that they provide the ready benefit of offering different treatment routes to take for people. For one, you normally don’t have access to injectables that, for example, boost metabolism. 

The same goes for the variety of combination oral drugs you can take, which would bring about better effects while lessening the impact of long-term intake. Take this combination drug, for example: 

An oral capsule containing phentermine, methyl cobalamin, and naltrexone. 

  • The phentermine is the one that’s primarily responsible for suppressing your appetite while boosting energy in the process.
  • Methylcobalamin, on the other hand, supplements the body with vitamin B12. If you’re not aware of it, vitamin B12 can also boost your energy levels. Having more energy means you’ll be more likely to fulfill your workout targets every day.
  • The naltrexone, finally, also adds to and synergizes with the appetite suppression mechanism provided by phentermine.

Any of these ingredients have a dose limit in any Compounding Pharmacy you happen to have access to, online or otherwise. You and your doctor can freely choose the most appropriate dose that will perfectly suit your requirements.

With the help of an appetite suppressant, you won’t have to rely on sheer willpower alone to resist the urge to break your fast or simply eat irregularly. Of course, the other most obvious advantage is you’re far more likely to resist overeating with their aid. 

With all things considered, the sample combination above is just one of the many treatment options that are made available to you. 

Other Examples of Compounded Drugs for Weight Loss Based on Mechanisms

We’ve mentioned injectable weight-loss drugs, which are relatively popular among many people who look to compounded solutions for meeting their respective goals. At best, the most common options are either injectable or oral. 

How do they help you shed those extra pounds? Look no further than this list:

  • Inositol and choline injectables work in such a way that they prioritize using fat as an energy source. 
  • There are also supplements that boost your metabolism like Vitamin D and certain B vitamins. This makes it possible for your body to burn calories even if you’re actively at rest. Moreover, it makes it possible for you to refrain from exerting yourself too much and, in turn, draining your time and energy just to lose weight. 
  • Metabolism will always be inevitably tied to chronic conditions like diabetes. This is why you should expect weight management compounded pills to aid in treating the said metabolic disease, besides promoting weight loss.

The Benefits of Compounding for Weight Loss 

You may ask, “Why can’t I just go the normal route of diet and exercise improvements?” Well, that’s certainly still highly recommended. However, it doesn’t hurt to try out proven options that work, right?

Besides, it’s not like compounding for weight management is limited to that perk alone. Here are some of the other compelling benefits:

  1. One of the leading causes of people departing from their diet routines is because of the strict regimen they need to put themselves in in order to achieve the results that they want. Most people suffer from diet burnout, which causes all their efforts to go to waste. With appetite suppressants, they’ll certainly get all the help they need. 
  2. Super caloric restrictions tend to take a toll on muscle development. If you’re aiming for muscle growth, you need to pay attention to your macros. That will be easier to achieve with the help of weight loss compounding solutions.
  3. We also need to go back to the customization aspect of compounded medications in general. We can’t deny that some drugs, even weight loss-related ones, add sugar to their formulations. With compounding pharmacies, you’ll get all the freedom you need to eliminate those unnecessary ingredients. 
  4. The economic benefits can’t be denied as well, and we’re not even just to referring to the possibility of saving money because compounding pharmacies are making their own formulations. Rather, we’re also talking about being able to save on fresh food to keep you feeling full while staying properly nourished, for example. They tend to be costly, so it’s always wise to rely on supplementation and other viable options. 
  5. Last but not least, you can enjoy overall better and more complete support medically since your doctor and a pharmacist will be working together to help you. 

Are Compounded Medications for Weight Loss FDA-Approved?

No, they are technically not FDA approved nor regulated by the said governing body. However, Almost any kind of drug or ingredient used has to get FDA approval. 

More often than not, even if you are taking technically the same drug, they have to be cleared separately. For example, Wegovy and Ozempic are pretty much similar, but their doses, route of administration, and intended use differ. Each one has to be cleared by the FDA individually.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy

Achieving your weight loss goals is easier said than done. At best, plenty of people need and want all the help they can get. That’s the biggest reason why they turn to compounding pharmacies – well, besides the obvious cost-savings you can enjoy as well. The important thing is for you to discuss your needs and requirements first with your doctor. 

Be sure to be equally meticulous when it comes to choosing the pharmacy you work with since, as we’ve said above, compounding pharmacies aren’t regulated by the FDA. Better if your doctor recommends or directly refers you to one, as is the case in patients who want to enjoy better overall weight management.