What Are the Top 10 Benefits of Compounding Pharmacy in Healthcare?

Compound Pharmacy

If there’s any essential field at present that needs innovation and just about any support it could get, it’s healthcare. The Compound Pharmacy industry is but one of the few areas in the vast field of healthcare where these innovative advantages are all too apparent. 

What exactly are these benefits? More importantly, are they really that game-changing? Let’s take a deeper dive into the facts we outlined below.

It helps to address shortages in medical supplies. 

When we mention a Compounding Pharmacy, we often immediately think of the more evident benefits like the personalization of medications and the like. We tend to overlook the fact that a 24 Hour Compounding Pharmacy will always be available for doctors and patients to request medications from.

  • In regular pharmacies, shortages in specific medications may lead to risky interruptions in the course of a patient’s treatment. 
  • With a compound pharmacy, you will always have a ready source of medications that are tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

It shields you from possible harmful side effects and allergens.

This could not be truer in the case of patients that already have a history of allergies when taking medications. If you continue to rely on conventional pharmacies, you have no control over the ingredients that they put in the medications you will intake over time. 

Obviously, this only takes a toll on your health, and even if it’s just a “minor” inconvenience, do you really have to put up with this issue?

Compounded medications can be made with natural ingredients and customized to the point that they won’t include any unnecessary or even hazardous components. This includes dyes and other synthetic chemicals.

It leads to price cuts that can’t be enjoyed otherwise.

Whether you’re a practicing physician or a patient, we can’t deny that compounding medicines are also a financial boon for healthcare at large. Think of the amount of money you can save if you can buy a more “minimalist” form of medicine. This basically means it only has everything you need and want.

  • With fewer included ingredients, the cost for manufacturing the drug usually dips along with it.
  • Certain local stores like Compounding Pharmacy Florida are also all too willing to offer medications for less to their client base to build up their target market. 
  • Competition among pharmacies often makes this possible, too.
  • It takes out extra steps and assures convenience.Since you’re pretty much guaranteed the exact formula of your medications, you won’t have to take out the pill cutter every time you have to take the right dosage. This also takes out the guesswork and risk that usually arise if a patient, for instance, suddenly forgets the amount he or she has taken for a specific day.Patients and doctors have all the freedom in the world to request a drug that is the most suitable formula and form for them.
  • Veterinary compounding needs a special mention here. After all, we can’t ignore the struggles that pet parents usually have to go through just to medicate their pets.
  • For patients that require life-long medications, compounded medications could not be more important. The best analogy for this is that with personalized medications, you’re getting the full description of a criminal, up to the most intimate details, rather than being given a vague, generalized account.

It helps to ensure the safety of medications.

  • Of course, this is assuming the compound pharmacy already has a rock-solid reputation when it comes to adhering to the highest safety standards. Not all compounding pharmacies are regulated by the FDA. 
  • It’s never enough to take a company’s word that they “ensure safety through accuracy and sterility”. They have to be able to back it up with the certifications and concrete products and results. 
  • All the better if they are adhering to sterile compounding guidelines set by the USP 797 or the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation, for example.

It gives patients and their doctors more control over the treatment process. 

This is crucial in that it only makes the patient more amenable to cooperating and giving his or her all in ensuring that the proposed treatment will be successful.

  • Since patients will be able to take medications that they actually like and is convenient for them, it erases the potential barriers that standard medications put up that lead to resistance in treatment. 
  • More control means less overall stress for both physicians and patients. Without a doubt, this is just as important to increase the chances of successful treatments. 

It takes care of cultural restrictions

Cultural and religious beliefs have, more or less, made it more difficult to treat certain individuals around the globe. If you have plenty of dietary restrictions dictated by your beliefs, you can always rely on personalized drugs to get you over that hump.

The field provides a simple solution, really. Just pick the ingredients that you need to remove. In most cases, vegan medications will suffice for most of the restrictions set by halal or kosher standards.

It makes it easier to service essential healthcare institutions such as hospitals and assisted living communities. 

Most compounding pharmacies have the ready benefit of specializing their services on a specific senior care home or hospital only. 

Unlike regular pharmacies that have to cater to the public at large, these pharmacies can focus on ensuring the quality of care of most healthcare organizations. Again, this ensures no shortages will happen and variety in treatment options will always be made available.

It integrates well with today’s premier technologies.

This could not be more obvious in the case of automated compounding. With it, the usual medication and sterilizing errors that may happen during the formulation and drug creation processes may be addressed head-on. Compounding pharmacies are set up for the future, in short.

It leads to better treatment outcomes.

A handful of major studies have already underscored the importance of personalized medications for patients. On the whole, we can say that this particular benefit arises from the combination of the other perks offered by compounding medications.

Without the customization aspect, patients will often have no other choice but to do with mass-produced medications. How can this solve lingering issues such as patients who are not responding to these standard drugs?

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

Now, do you see just how immense the impact of compounding pharmacies is on the healthcare industry as a whole? People are often quick to label these types of pharmacies as “alternative medicine” when that’s overwhelmingly far from the actual truth. 

Given the rapid rise of the industry in recent years and the undeniable benefits outlined above, we think it’s not farfetched to say that it’s destined to become the norm soon.