What Are the Top Ten Supplements for Men’s Health?

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The FDA highly regulates medication to ensure safety and efficacy before it sets foot in the market. However, the bar is quite frankly lower when it comes to supplements that don’t experience as much oversight and don’t usually even need an RX to fill. This obviously creates a lot of room for confusion and doubt regarding which supplements actually work. Today, our compound pharmacy sets the record straight and points you in the direction toward safe and proven effective solutions. Here are the top ten proven supplements for men’s health. 

Jarrow Prostate Optimizer 

Every 45 minutes, one man loses the battle to prostate cancer, which equates to close to 48,000 fatalities every year. While modern solutions are ensuring that it isn’t a death sentence anymore, it’s prudent to address the problem at its root.

The Jarrow prostate optimizer is one way men can begin to take better control over their prostrate health. It contains a combination of: 

  • Carob
  • Caramel 
  • Glycerine
  • Non-GMO lecithin

This gluten-free supplement is available online on our store. 

D-Hist Jr

While traditionally a supplement associated with children, D-Hist Jr is rich in vitamin C and caters to a variety of men’s needs. Overall, it is great for: 

  • Keeping in check histamine levels, and by extension alleviating seasonal discomforts 
  • Accelerating tissue repair and therefore improving the development and growth process
  • Enhancing immune system health and thus improving wellness and longevity 

In terms of ingredients, this supplement contains a combination of natural plant ingredients such as the Bromelain enzyme and extracts from stinging nettles leaves. 

DIM Detox 60’s

This all-natural ingredient produced primarily from broccoli has amassed a sterling reputation for improving liver health in men. It also boosts cell metabolism and affords other benefits including: 

  • Improving the liver’s natural detoxification, which helps this vital organ to fulfill physiological demands without strain 
  • Bolstering cellular health due to the antioxidant support it provides

Many pharmacies that do compounding also attest to this supplement’s prowess to improve cognitive, bone, and heart health in men as well.

Estrodim 30 Ct

Our compound pharmacy recommends this dietary supplement to bolster prostate health and its metabolite pairing enables it to achieve this function. Although it’s popularly associated with females, it also works wonders for men to: 

  • Enhance estrogen metabolism in men
  • Improve DNA stability through cellular antioxidation
  • Support memory and improve mood

At the moment, we’re offering a limited 5% discount on Estrodim 30 Ct (OMP). So click the shop icon atop our website to add it to your cart.  

Jarrow DHEA 

Long-term digestive illnesses affect about 20,000,000 Americans with a quarter of those cases necessitating patients to go under the knife. The Jarrow DHEA formulation we offer improves digestive health, among other functions as well.

If you’re keen to lose a few pounds, it can double up as an important weight loss companion as it speeds up metabolism. This in turn encourages your body to burn fat deposits. Last but not least, Jarrow DHEA can improve cognitive function in men as well. 

Vitamin K2 with D3

Vitamin K2 packs a wealth of benefits, and our compound pharmacy Florida believes that every man who aspires to improve their quality of life should get on it stat. In particular, Vitamin K2 is great at: 

  • Strengthening bones due to the activation of certain calcium-binding elements
  • Keeping a range of heart diseases at arm’s length and preventing the calcification of blood vessels

This particular vitamin is also especially known for its coagulation properties, which makes the supplement key to ensuring better wound healing. 

Reacted Magnesium 

Unlike your usual sources of magnesium, the reacted magnesium supplement is specially formulated to: 

  • Enrich utilization
  • Go easy on the gastrointestinal system
  • Improve absorption 

If you have trouble sleeping, you should know that several pharmacies that do compounding use it to manage insomnia. It can help your body relax, soothing muscles and easing stress and thus improving your quality of shuteye. Reacted magnesium also works wonders for high blood pressure and improves cardiovascular support. 


Studies show a strong correlation between fish oil, or omega 3 fatty acids, and men’s health, particularly regarding erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. The Orthomega supplement packs this power into a bottle, and brings much more to the table as well, including: 

  • Decreasing the probability of stroke and cardiac arrest
  • Impeding the accumulation of arterial plaque
  • Lowering blood pressure

Get your daily portion in with our Orthomega supplement, available at discounted prices today in our store. 

Probiotic GI

Findings by the Men’s Health Network show that, when it comes to gastrointestinal problems, men are 400% less likely to see a physician compared to women. This laid-back concern for their well-being is why GI systems have been prevalently higher in men over the past few years. 

With the Probiotic GI, men can realize improved gastrointestinal health. For one, the supplement can increase the alkalinity of the colon, which can ease GI symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea. Overall, Probiotic GI improves immune function across the gut. 

Prostatrol Forte

When we grow older, hormonal imbalances can set in which cause the enlargement of the prostate. This can lead to several other uncomfortable symptoms such as 

  • Kidney problems
  • Blocked urine flow
  • Poor bladder control and other urinary malfunctions

Prostatrol Forte gets around the problem through the action of inhibitors that work to counteract aromatase, whose production increases with age thereby limiting testosterone levels. Containing a blend of trace minerals, the supplement ensures a healthier prostate, and by extension, a healthier urinary tract. 

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Prostate cancer and a flurry of other unique health conditions trouble men in today’s world. In addition to these distinct concerns, studies show men to be more susceptible to many grave illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. While supplements are not the magic bullet to tackling these challenges alone, they can be an important aspect of a good wellness plan that incorporates healthy lifestyle changes and a more proactive approach to treatment. If you’re in search of the best compound pharmacy Florida has to offer, you should feel right at home. Check out our LegitScript-certified store for all your men’s supplement needs.