What Is Erectile Dysfunction? How Can Compound Medication Help Address It?

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is fast becoming a significant problem for many men worldwide. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 300 million men will be suffering from some form of ED by 2025. If you want to know your risks with regards to disease or simply want to know more about it, this post should give you a good overview of this condition. 

It will also discuss one of the most effective ways to combat it at present: Compound Medication. This is especially true for men that aren’t getting satisfactory results from standard medications or their current course of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Explained:

ED is also called impotence because it’s essentially the inability of a man to become erect or maintain the said erection. Men who have erectile dysfunction may not necessarily be able to get fully erect. They may be able to do so when masturbating, for example, but can never seem to get an erection when they want to have sex with their partner. These cases arguably fall under the ED category, too. 

In most cases, erectile dysfunction is just one symptom among others. That being said, it’s important to identify the root cause of erectile dysfunction to properly and optimally treat it. Below are the most common causes of ED:

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are primary culprits. These are such systemic diseases, which affect blood flow and, in turn, the whole body, to the point that they begin to become detrimental to one’s sexual health as well. Diabetes, in particular, occupies the top spot in recent years and decades.

  • Since human erections are primarily driven by proper circulation, conditions that affect the heart can cause ED as well. These include plaque buildup in the arteries and other diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels.
  • Nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis may also cause it as well as spinal cord damage.
  • Injury to the pelvis, prostate, and bladder may lead to it, too.
  • There’s also an often overlooked condition experienced by older males called andropause. A decrease in testosterone may result in acute ED, too.
  • Another common cause is anxiety and depression. Men who are particularly healthy but have performance anxiety during intercourse may have a purely psychological issue to deal with.
    Medications may lead to ED. People who take long-term hypertension medications often complain of erection failure. The same can be said for those taking antiandrogens, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and even some appetite suppressants.
  • Medications may lead to ED. People who take long-term hypertension medications often complain of erection failure. The same can be said for those taking antiandrogens, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and even some appetite suppressants. 
  • We also can’t rule out lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Those who are carrying extra weight tend to have a harder time getting a full erection as do long-term smokers and those who drink excess alcohol.

Highlighting the Role of Compounding Medications in Resolving ED Issues.

Assuming the Compounding Pharmacy may be able to provide more successful treatment outcomes for a lot of men. In fact, many males and their respective attending physicians can attest to this.

With a Compounding Pharmacy, you’ll pretty much be able to adopt a more multi-pronged and versatile approach to treating your ED, after all. Essentially, you and your urologist will be able to address the issue that’s causing your ED directly. After all, it’s a given that treatment options in standard pharmacies tend to be limited compared to compound pharmacies.

Take a look at these facts, and you’ll see why.

If you are suffering from ED but can’t be prescribed oral Viagra or Cialis, compounding pharmacies will be able to offer other ways for you to take it. For one, there are no injectable forms of these common erectile dysfunction medications unless they’re specifically formulated by a compounding pharmacy.

In short, you’ll be able to take different routes in treatments, which is one of the reasons why compounded medications have brought about unprecedented positive results to ED sufferers. 

Other clear proofs of the variability of treatment options lie in Bay Life’s own offerings. For instance, we have the potent Triple Mix of alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine, which have helped numerous clients achieve their goals.

Besides mixing medications, we also offer customized oral medicines, intraurethral gels, and injectable therapy. These options are not at all available in most standard pharmacies, which is why ED patients rarely get the best results

Should the specific ED case prove to be hormone-related, adopting a testosterone replacement therapy approach could prove to be the best approach. In most cases, the answer could be as simple as balancing hormone levels, while introducing lifestyle changes gradually.

These facts only stress the point further that compounded medications’ success rely mostly on their highly targeted approach to dealing with any kind of condition. The personalization aspect makes all the difference in the world.

A Note About Ensuring Your Safety While Taking Compounded Drugs:

Of course, not all compounding pharmacies are the same and may offer the benefits we mentioned above. If you’re going to be partnering with a local Compounding Pharmacy in Florida, for example, we advise that you look at their treatment options first. 

Take the time to research past customers’ feedback, especially those that have been cured of their ED with the help of personalized medicines. No less than
Your utmost safety has to be taken into consideration, especially if you’re considering injectables and hormone therapy. 

Don’t forget to discuss all your options with your medical provider and/or your urologist. It’s important for you to report any side effects you feel while taking medications, compounded ones included. Transparency is key to your success. Lastly, know the inherent risks involved in each treatment to make smarter decisions going forward.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

By no means are compound medications a cure-all for all erectile dysfunction causes. However, we can’t deny that they bring something truly valuable to the table. Considering the prevalence of this condition worldwide and the apparent shortage of conventional treatments, compounding pharmacies offer males a fresh hope that they’ll finally be able to rid the shadow cast by this serious condition.