What Should You Know About a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy?

Veterinary compounding

Are you curious about the possible unique benefits of Compounded Medication for Pets? Well, you’re not alone. Almost every day, pet parents are becoming more and more aware of the immense benefits these kinds of customized medications can provide not only for their beloved pets.

Let’s get right down to it, then. Consider this as an in-depth introduction to veterinary compounding Pharmacy which will orient you about how it’s done, what exclusive advantages you can enjoy, and a few other facts.

How Is It Done? Is It Any Different from Compounding Medications for Human Use?

If you’re not already aware of it, compounding entails either mixing different medications or modifying their dosage, form, flavor, and concentration. A licensed pharmacist performs all the compounding, often with the advice of  a doctor and, in this case, a veterinarian. In both human and veterinary compounding, it’s done to deliver various conveniences that shall be discussed in the benefits section below.

As for where it’s done, a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy has a dedicated facility for creating compounded medications. They will have to adhere to the guidelines set by the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act as well as the FDA. However, it’s often up to state authorities, particularly the pharmacy board, to reinforce most of the regulation of compounding. That should give you an inkling about the overall safety you can expect from most veterinary compounding pharmacies.

More often than not, though, pet parents rely on veterinary compounding to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the hassle involved in medicating their tyke, kitty, or any other applicable pet that they legally own. That being said, humans also practice this when ordering compounding medications that are more suitable to their palate, so that’s arguably another minor similarity.

How Do I Ensure the Safety of Compounded Medications I Order?

Take note that only FDA-approved drugs are allowed to be modified and customized by compounding pharmacies. That being said, it won’t hurt to ask the pharmacy of your choosing to provide proof of the FDA’s stamp of approval on their products.

All the better if they can provide an in-depth breakdown of what’s included in their final products. This is so you can confirm that your pet will be getting the exact medication you ordered. This has to be done by an unbiased third-party lab.

What Are the Unique Benefits of Veterinary Compounding?

The inimitable advantages of this kind of compounding stem largely from how it’s done. You can, for example, choose to combine two drugs so you can administer them in one go. Much like in human compounding, this saves plenty of time while being better efficacy-wise in some cases. 

Of course, that’s just one compelling perk. Expect, more or less, to enjoy these other bonuses once you start choosing veterinary compounding over commercially available medications that are mass-produced and sold.

Helps pet parents to save more resources.

It may sound a little like in-your-face promotion when we say it.  Nonetheless, no one can deny the fact that pet owners tend to save more money by medicating their pets with the help of compounding pharmacies. 

The same can be said for the time we spend delivering drugs to them. . Just think about the hours and days that will compound due to regular delays caused by your pet not taking his or her medicine properly.

Administer medications in a different and altogether better way.

Perhaps, your pet will benefit more from having a certain drug topically applied rather than the traditional oral route? In plenty of pharmacies out there, you get to choose a variety of different dosage forms that you typically won’t be able to but elsewhere.

Add flavors to medications that your pet will love instantly. 

This is another top benefit of veterinary compounded medications. If you’ve had to struggle to medicate your pet like the majority of owners out there, this can take care of that hurdle. The drug will take on the flavor of, for instance, his favorite treat. 

The Top Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy would most certainly not hesitate to add as much variety in the number of flavors owners can choose from. In Bay Life, we’re proud to offer plenty of options in this regard.

Customized medications, as a whole, tend to be the ideal option.

Not considering the flavor, form, and dosage benefits, there are other compelling reasons why it’s almost always optimal to opt for compounding medications. For one, there’s the all-natural angle. A pharmacy may give you the choice to completely eliminate ingredients that aren’t only unnecessary but may trigger unwanted side effects, too.

Secondly, there’s the topic of nutrition. Pet supplements available in compounding pharmacies may be mixed together to provide your pet with a more balanced, convenient way of meeting his or her daily nutritional needs.

Plenty of common pet medications are available for compounding.

Whether you’ve been prescribed doxycycline to treat an infection your beloved mutt is having or prednisone to ease chronic pain, these tried-and-tested and popular medications can be compounded to make them more budget-friendly, more amenable to your pet’s palette, or even more effective.

Should All Pet Parents Be Encouraged to Rely on Veterinary Compounding?

If they want to save more on their pets’ medications, why not? Not that we’re encouraging you to use that as the sole basis of your decision. Still, there are cases when veterinary compounding arguably becomes the most appropriate  choice.

  • For instance, your beloved  furry friend may have an underlying condition (e.g. a genetic lung or heart ailment). He or she will probably have higher sensitivities to certain ingredients or dosages. 
  • One of the most common reasons pet owners have no other choice but to rely on veterinary compounding. This is when their pets have shown to be particularly sensitive to allergens found in medications.

Nonetheless, you should also not overlook the possible risks involved. Just because it’s made available in a different form doesn’t mean there aren’t potential side effects. This is why we still recommend people to follow the advice of their veterinarians closely before deciding on a particular compounded drug.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

We hope that we’ve given you all the needed information you want to fully familiarise yourself with veterinary compounding pharmacies in general. Summed up, veterinary compounding has a number of similarities to compounding for humans and is well-regulated, at least, on a statewide level. It’s equally abundant in benefits you more than likely won’t enjoy from a standard pharmacy.