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All women go through menopause and many of them experience uncomfortable symptoms as they approach it. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstruation cycles and reproductive life. It affects each woman differently and for some it can be a time of anxiety and distress. The symptoms and the timing of menopause vary from woman to woman. Therefore, knowing what to expect and how to manage it can help in making the transition less frightening and also alleviate the concerns.

With the loss of the reproductive function of the ovaries, hormonal imbalance also occurs. Dropping levels of Estrogen can produce a range of physical and emotional symptoms. The right consultation can act as a key source of support and prove beneficial in managing this period and symptoms associated with it.


Our experts at Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, help the women to understand the three phases of menopause—perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause along with providing a patient-centered approach to advising women about the changes and how to manage them. This is a crucial time when we believe that management of menopausal symptoms must be individualized taking into account the history, personal preferences and hormone evaluation. Our Menopause Consultation can help navigate through this phase and minimize the effects of menopause through proper guidance.


We take pride in our confidentiality and the personalized approach. Therefore, the consultation sessions are personal and private. The information is reviewed by our experts who afterwards schedule an appointment through email, phone or in person. Saliva test kits or blood tests can easily determine hormone levels. Saliva test kits are easily available at Bay Life Compounding.  Our pharmacists will determine the hormone that requires testing and the test results will be shared with you and your health advisor.


During your scheduled consultation, our well – trained compounding experts and pharmacists will assess the results and also discuss other health concerns, if any. On completion of your consultation, the required steps and methods will be advised by discussing it with your health care provider, where possible therapies, complementary and alternative medical options such as life style changes, exercise, diet plans, homeopathy or supplements, vitamins, their benefits and risks will be taken into account and accordingly choose the appropriate plan for you. Also, depending on your personal requirements, our compounding pharmacists will customize the hormone formula especially for you.


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