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Complete Probiotics 30 capsules


Today, more than ever, you need an effective way to help support a healthy balance of microbes in your gut.

By nourishing and balancing your healthy microbiome with high-quality probiotics, you help support many key functions in your body – like digestion, absorption of nutrients, immune function, the actions of your genes, cellular health, normal allergic response, mood, and vaginal (Complete Probiotics for Women) and urinary tract health.*

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Suitable for both short-term use and long-term maintenance, high-potency Complete Probiotics 30 capsules (70 Billion CFU):

  • Balances your microbiome with 10 strains of exceptional beneficial bacteria, including long-lasting super-strain, L. acidophilus DDS®-1.*
  • Contains Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) as a form of prebiotics to help the probiotic bacteria grow and flourish in your body.*
  • Comes in patented delayed release capsules (DRcaps™) to deliver an extra layer of protection against harsh stomach acids, so the probiotics reach your small intestine – where they work best.
  • Has been independently tested to validate high-potency.
  • Does not require refrigeration, making it convenient and perfect for traveling.

All Complete Probiotics 30 capsules formulas are made without bioengineered ingredients. Take control of your gut, and order your supply today.


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