vit d 5000iu immunity, support for cardiovascular and, bone health.


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VITAMIN D3 50,000 15 Ct (OMP)

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Vitamin D3 50,000 IU supplement is an effective way to get a boost of Vitamin D, which is beneficial in supporting immunity, cardiovascular health, bone health and absorption of Calcium and Phosphate, thereby, promoting overall health.

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Although, best known for its role in supporting bone health, Vitamin D, also plays a very complex role in supporting the immune system as well. It is also known to be important in supporting other body functions including cardiovascular and blood sugar balance, muskoskeletal strength etc. Low levels of Vitamin D(vit d 5000iu) have been seen to worsen autoimmune diseases and with frequent infections. Depleted levels of Vitamin D (vit d 5000iu)may also interfere with normal development of teeth and bones and may contribute to poor regulation of immune and nervous system. The Vitamin D3 50,000 IU supplement is an effective formulation that is ideal for those who have difficulty in maintaining and achieving sufficient Vitamin D levels.


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