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Saliva Testing


Saliva testing provides the correct measure of circulating hormones. Importantly, the hormone concentrations measured in saliva represent the levels of free, biologically active hormones, which have greater clinical relevance than do the measures of total hormone.

This sampling method is easy and allows patients to collect saliva at home according to the time suitable to them. Saliva Test Kits are available at Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy. Our skilled compounding pharmacists and experts help and advice the patients regarding the hormones that need to be tested. The results are received by Bay Life Compounding after collection and processing of the sample. At your request, Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy will work with you and your physicians to review your results to make the most appropriate decisions to encourage successful outcomes.


The hormones that are tested include:

  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Estriol
  • Estrone
  • DHEA
  • Cortisol

For more information about saliva testing, contact our expert pharmacists at 727-216-6374


Heavy Metal and Nutrients Testing


Long term exposure to heavy metals can often cause serious health issues. When in excess amounts, they displace the essential nutrients and minerals and hinder with biological processes. Body gets exposed to these metals through polluted air, water, sea food, dental fillings, cigarettes etc. Also, most people may not be aware of the nutritional deficiencies and how they are affecting their health.


At Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, we offer an at home collection test to ascertain the presence and amount of heavy metals and nutrients in the body. The test requires a blood test to assess these components.


For more information about Heavy Metal and Nutrient Testing, contact our compounding pharmacists at 727-216-6374


Food/Allergy Testing


Food allergy symptoms are quite common in children, but they can appear in adults too. A food allergy reaction occurs when your immune system reacts to a food or a substance in a food, in such a way that it identifies it as a danger and triggers a protective response. Food allergy symptoms can be mild as well as severe.


At Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, we perform various tests to know about the substances that could be a reason of the allergic reactions the patient experiences. The allergic reactions could cause Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Stomach Ache, Weight Loss, Swelling etc. The symptoms can involve Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system or Digestive Tract.


For More Information about Food/Allergy Testing, contact our compounding pharmacists at 727-216-6374


Neurotransmitter Testing


Neurotransmitters are chemical substances released by neurons to transmit information to other neurons or tissues. A neurotransmitter imbalance can cause various issues like restlessness, insomnia, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, fatigue etc.


Identifying and managing neurotransmitter imbalance requires a urine test. Testing provides a measurement and identification of each patient’s neuroendocrine imbalance which can be corrected by taking the right steps.


To know more about Neurotransmitter Testing, Contact our compounding pharmacists at 727-216-6374