Top 6 Supplements Everyone Should Take to Increase Your Immune System During Covid -19

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The pandemic is still raging. COVID-19 virus variants continue to spring up over time, wreaking havoc on countries’ healthcare systems. In some countries, people are, more or less, left to their own devices due to shortages in hospital beds and healthcare facilities to treat. It’s a reality that many people face worldwide as their respective governments struggle to keep the virus in check. 

If there’s an ideal time to boost your immune system, it’s safe to say that it should be as soon as possible. Pharmacy and compounding medicine still offer people the ability to arm their bodies for better protection. They may not be direct cures, but as certain studies have proven, it can’t be denied that the immune system can perform at its best with the right vitamins and minerals. 

That being said, the following 6 supplements have shown the most promise in doing just that and, in turn, aid in helping your body fight viruses like COVID-19.


Vitamin D:

If there is a single supplement that shows the most potential in preventing COVID-19, many health experts and researchers would agree that it’s Vitamin D. This fat-soluble nutrient directly improves white blood cells’ ability to fight most pathogens, particularly macrophages and monocytes. Many studies centering on this nutrient and COVID-19 have shown that those deficient in it are far more likely to develop serious complications. 

It plays an integral role in modulating the entire immune system, as studies have shown, by suppressing Th1 responses and accelerating the induction of T-cells. It could also reduce the instances of cytokine storms. 

The highest recommended daily intake of Vitamin D is 4,000 UI. For safer and more personalized doses, we recommend opting to avail of the services of an excellent medical compound pharmacy, especially if you have a propensity for allergies and plan to take it on a long-term basis. 

If you’re a senior and living in an elder care facility, you may want to inquire about it in an assisted living pharmacy. The medical compound pharmacy should tell you the safest dosage for regular intake. 

Vitamin C:

Everyone associates this nutrient with better immunity but what exactly is its role in preventing COVID-19. Well, most of it stems from its all-around benefits to immune cells and the ability to prevent oxidative stress. It plays a direct role in supporting lymphocyte production and enhancing neutrophils’ phagocytic ability. 

It’s the vitamin to be had by those who undergo chronic stress, and as a result, have their respective immune systems compromised. It has been proven to be equally effective against sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome that come as a result of viral infections. 


Zinc is one of the few supplements that shown antiviral activity by stimulating the body’s secretion of interferon, which is responsible for signaling to the immune system the presence of viruses in the body. It also plays a crucial role in regulating inflammatory responses while working in synergy with a few vital enzymes that maintain optimal immune system function.

It’s, in short, a mineral that’s essential for immune function, to the point that a deficiency makes people more likely to have respiratory illnesses like pneumonia. As any established medical center compounding pharmacy can attest, it’s also one of the most requested supplements because more than 15% of people worldwide have been found to be deficient in it because of insufficient dietary zinc sources. 


Don’t be fooled by this supplement’s status as a micronutrient because according to animal studies, selenium has exhibited direct antiviral effects against influenza strains. Two other notable features include its anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting benefits. Inflammation and blood clots are two factors that play an integral role in worsening the symptoms felt by those afflicted by COVID-1, with many even tying the two to the deaths of numerous people worldwide.

Do take note that selenium only has an upper limit intake of 400 mcg. Symptoms of toxicity include nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and hair loss, to cite a few. 


Also known as the sleep hormone, melatonin not only promotes better sleep by establishing circadian rhythms, which is crucial to keep the immune system in tip-top shape, but it has also shown a direct correlation to COVID-19 prevention as has been revealed in a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic. The study made it clear that people with optimal melatonin levels in their body are 30% less likely to test positive for COVID-19.

While studies have proven that melatonin toxicity is rare, experts still advise people to consult their physicians before they do so. 


Elderberry has shown a lot of promise because according to a few studies, it has shown to be effective in reducing the severity of upper respiratory symptoms caused by viral infections. In fact, it has even been recommended as a supplement for people suffering from COVID-19, though only for those who are still in the early stages of the disease. 

What’s good about elderberry is that its antiviral effects against influenza A and B strains have already been proven by human trials. It has already shown to shorten the time it takes to recover from colds and could even greatly mitigate the effects of severe symptoms. It directly aids in supporting the immune system to achieve this. 

One caveat, though: elderberries taken in excess could lead to the production of extra cytokines that could, in turn, damage the body’s healthy cells. It’s also not without side effects, especially when taken in raw form, so be sure you ask your doctor about it first. You can also ask a pharmacy that makes compounds about the most recommended dosage for administration.  

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

These supplements prove that you still have a level of control over whether you will have serious symptoms or not if any disease such as COVID-19 afflicts you. For most people, that should be enough to ease their minds to a certain degree, and as you’re probably already aware, stress only weakens the immune system. In the end, these supplements can have indispensable.